Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

In the last month . . . .

A lot has happened. The first three photos there were taken throughout the last month. She has grown! But what a good baby she is. She is a great eater & sleeper, and she is content to just be.

I will attempt to update this blog here in one post - I am sure I will forget plenty, but I have been a little busy. Ok, where shall we start, Molly is smiling! That has been fun. She actually started smiling a few weeks ago but of course it has taken a while to document a good one.

Around the time of the first smiles our wonderful sister-in-law Stacey came out to stay with us for a week and help me with the kiddos.
It was such a blessing to have her. She is a very gifted photographer and she did us the honor of taking some pics of our family. click here for a link to see some

We just got home yesterday from a week vacation to see Ryan's parents. We had a great time as always. We got to stop in Missoula and Great Falls to visit my sister's family and Ryan's Aunt and Uncle. Here are some pictures from the trip.

The kids did great in all the car rides but it is real good to be home.

And finally, I started my new job! for those that don't know I got a job teaching high school online! If I had kept my classroom job I would have had to go back to work when Molly was 5 1/2 weeks old (and the thought of that was giving me a panic attack). So when I heard of the possibility of teaching high school online I explored it, applied, and got the job! So now I get to work from home. This is super exciting to me, but does provide its own challenges in time management. Since my work now is so computer intensive I have not been very motivated to spend any extra time in front of the screen, thus the lack of blog posts, emails, comments etc. I am sure I will find a balance . . . . . eventually.