Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In the 30s

So I am officially in the home stretch - two months from today our lives will hopefully be drastically different. I have been pregnant now for 31.5 weeks and it has felt like 2 years! I am still enjoying pregnancy, feeling him move around, trying to identify body parts as they protrude from my belly, and knowing that he is safer than he ever will be out here.

People ask what the biggest change is that I have gone through during this pregnancy and after the picture I took this morning it is official, I am becoming less and less photogenic! I mean I have really not be satisfied with my last few pictures, but this one in particular was so bad (we took 3 even) that I cut a face off another picture (which is also not very good) and put it on this picture. I mean it was BAD! So needless to say here is a picture of me at 31.5 weeks.

Friday, February 16, 2007

A special Valentine's Day

So we had an appointment earlier this week, just a regular appointment. But my belly was measuring small so our Doctor wanted us to come in for another ultrasound. It kind of freaked us out, but we also were excited that we would get to see our little boy again. So we went in on Valentine's Day and got some more pictures of him. He is obviously bigger now, so the pictures are not as good, but he is still pretty darn cute! Oh, and everything is fine with him and my belly size. He must have just been laying flat when she took the measurement - playing jokes already!!!

Here is his profile - if look closely you can see his lips, nose, forehead, and you can even see three of his fingers right above his lips!

The next two shots are looking directly at his face.

And finally. . . his feet. So cute! The ultrasonographer said he had a big head and big feet, she also said he was a cute baby (like she would tell expectant parents any different!).

And here is my belly at 29.5 weeks - it isn't moving out a lot, but it sure is moving more up into my ribs if you compare it with previous ones.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I got more pictures from the shower from my friend Mandy - Because I have not had any of my friends sign a internet/photo release form (can you tell I am a teacher) the following pictures are mainly of the beautiful decorating and food I was so blessed with! Yay for good friends!
This was the delicious spread for brunch - the egg casserole Mandy has officially made famous filled the open spots here on the end

Another close up of the dragonfly mobile - we are semi doing a bug theme, although I am hesitant to call it a theme cause that makes me think of Extreme makeover home edition where everything in the room is bugs - that is a little over the top.
My mom gave the baby a cow outfit - yes it is a Halloween costume, yes I know it is February, yes she knows that also. It is really cute, I actually can't wait to see it on the little guy! Thanks mom!

And finally . . Here is the latest belly shot - I was 28 weeks here at the shower. I am 29 weeks now which means only 11 weeks to go! It is getting more real every day! Yay for babies!!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New things

Hello again! It has been awhile, but we have been busy - Ryan has been working like a mad man on the house. It all started with wanting to take the popcorn off the ceilings, and we ended up painting - the ceiling and walls, cleaning the carpets, putting finish on the floors, replacing all the molding . . . did I mentioned we have been busy?

In the middle of all of this I had my first baby shower, which was Amazing! The gals who threw it for me put in so much thought and detail - way more than I ever expected! I love you guys soooo much! I was also so blessed and humbled at the shower by all the gifts for the baby. I even received all the bedding and an adorable mobile to match (seen in photo below) from a number of ladies! I will share more later when I get more pictures of the event.

After the shower I was so anxious to put everything in a place, so Ryan worked hard to get the nursery done first!!! Here a few pictures of the bedding, crib (from Ryan's cousin), and of course Ryan's beautiful work on the room. The color of the paint is a little off because of the flash - it is called "mocha". Enjoy!