Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Uncle Tim Santa

Molly & Papa

Sean & Molly already got to see Santa this year . . . here they are waiting, Sean quite anxious . . . . well, not really anxious, more like nervous.

He did manage to get out that he wanted a "little tiny dump truck" and that his little sister wanted a "pink car".
It helps however when you realize that it is "Uncle Tim Santa" and not the "Real Santa". Phew.
It has been super fun to watch Molly lately - she is growing so fast and doing so much, and she will just stare, and smile, and laugh at her older brother. Sean likewise has been noticing her more . . . many times she will be napping in another room and he will all of the sudden say, "mom, where is Molly?!?!?!" like we lost her or something. I pray that they may have a strong bond and friendship and continue to admire and look out for one another.

That being said, I am not sure which of these two pictures I like better, the one where Molly is characteristically sticking her tongue out, or the one where she is characteristically looking at her older brother. I think they are both cute!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Is it just me . . ..

Is this really strange to anyone else? The raccoon was just sitting there, pawing at the door like, "what?!?! It's not like I am some rabid prone, over sized rodent or something."

ps, not my door :)