Friday, January 23, 2009

photo catch up

It is sad that I just today got pictures off our camera from Christmas onto the computer?!?! So as I was scrolling through the 200+ pictures I realized that consistent uploading and blogging really is the smart thing to do. Here are a few pics of Sean over the last month and what he has been up to:

These photos are from Christmas, the first is a family shot, and the last three are Sean and his little cousin Abbi - he was being so sweet, hugging, kissing, etc. and then . . . . the fish hook. Some of you out there may also have been lucky enough to experience this.
Still obsessed with his guitar - tuning it up
and playing a little dittyGetting another haircut - so apparently he is no longer scared of the clippers, they now tickle. Still working on his smileand sometimes flashing a good one
Still doing and LOVING his creative movement class with Nana

And finally, Leta and Mandy invited us to the children's museum a few days ago - Sean is still talking about the Bus, Car, and Drums (not pictured) I think he enjoyed himself. Thanks girls for taking us!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

20 months

Have I mentioned lately how fun this stage is that Sean is in right now?!?!? We are having a blast with this little guy - cracking up at him, amazed by the connections he makes, in awe of the words he uses, and a little intimidated at his sponge-like brain right now. Just the other day he was drinking milk with a straw at the table and he spilled a little on his arm and immediately said, "Oh gosh". Ummmm oops.

Ryan and I have said all along that we wish we could just stop time and have Sean stay at the age he is in forever, and that rings true still. I remember when Sean was born I was so overwhelmed with joy and love that I would literally just start crying with those emotions. I really don't think anything has changed. I hope to get more pictures on soon, life has been busy. Hope you are all well.

Monday, January 05, 2009

three kiddos

Mandy, Randi, and I got together last week with the kids to let them play visit for a while. We of course tried to snap a cute photo of the three of them, here is what we got, there seriously was not one where the were even looking the same direction.

And, we are done.
Finally, a little room!