Monday, January 05, 2009

three kiddos

Mandy, Randi, and I got together last week with the kids to let them play visit for a while. We of course tried to snap a cute photo of the three of them, here is what we got, there seriously was not one where the were even looking the same direction.

And, we are done.
Finally, a little room!


Mandy said...

that's hilarious, Kate! And why do Sean & Leta look so purply-pale? Maybe it's just their norwegian skin in comparison to Kole's tan :)

So cute! It sure was fun, though!

kristen said...

these photos are awesome! so fun for me to see randi's little boy...such a handsome guy. and these three kids together...i bet you all had a blast watching them play!

timothy said...

katie, is sean picking his nose in that second picture or flipping leta the bird? did he learn that down at the racetrack?