Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fish Tales

There is a great fishing creek here at the ranch - Ryan, the kids and I packed dinner the other day and set out to catch us some trout.
Molly was super excited about throwing rocks in the water - and almost falling in the water.
Sean and Ryan, focused
Sean, pretty proud of his catch - but not going to touch it.
Molly, trying to focus
Can you see her little face here? It is awesome.Molly's tiny catch. She was also proud. She touched it without hesitation. And yes, she does have a fat lip and scuffed up chin in this picture - that is how she rolls.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

10 on 10 August

I spent the whole day today thinking it was the 10th. Oops. Here is my ten on ten, a day early.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Amazing Miss Molly

We always knew there was something special about Molly. Today, however, when I observed this interaction between Molly and the horses I realized her powers and abilities go beyond our wildest imaginations (insert Katie's dry sense of humor here)

for reference the horse on the far left is KR Lady Hawk with her baby, and on the right is KR American Girl with her baby. And the one in the middle is Molly, our baby.

stretching out, warming up:
Attention please!
And the magic begins
not sure what is happening here, all I know is that I have never had 4 horses look at me that way.
Pretty sure she is casting some sort of spell on American Girl's tail here
and her work here is done.

I thought it was just a fluke, but then we walked directly over to the pile of dirt, and before she sat down to play I saw her doing this:
apparently it was fine to play in then.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Wish You Were Here!

A lot has gone on since my last post . . . I hope to post pics and stories sometime, but for now a VERY brief synopsis:

-decided to move back to Seattle
-sent kids on plane with my mom
-Ryan and I drove and drove and drove to Seattle
-celebrated Molly's 2nd birthday & my 31st
-attended family reunion in Moses Lake
-now in MT with Ryan's parents for undetermined time
(I just realized all this has happened in less than a months time - that is crazy)

While we are here we are soaking in the beauty and peacefulness of the land (besides the small fire Ed, Mary, and Ryan are out helping with right now)

Here is a couple photos Ryan took this morning from an amazing view point. The first was looking one direction with square butte in the distance, and the second is looking 180 degrees the other way with the Rocky Mountains in the distance.

The kids have been having a blast with the horses (pics soon hopefully), the pile of dirt places especially for them, as well as posing on some machinery:
Sean was loving it just a little bit:

More to come soon!