Monday, January 14, 2008

It's a Chicken Soup kind of day

I made up some chicken soup tonight- it was a little spicy (too much black pepper) but seemed like the perfect meal as we ate it watching our street grow more and more white with snow by the minute. Sean has been eating solids now for a couple months, and for Christmas I was given a food mill by my brother and sister in law Will and Stacey. This thing is awesome!
Some of you may know that Ryan and I are a little particular about some things, one of which is food. So you can only imagine how we are with the food we give Sean. So this food mill allows me to grind up anything I have made that is to solid for Sean to eat. So tonight Sean had some pureed broccoli and chicken soup! Thanks Will and Stacey!

I have also been meaning to post a little about a few of Sean's Christmas presents . . . as mentioned above, Ryan and I are a little particular, so before Christmas we asked our family not to get Sean toys that had flashing lights or made a lot of noise, but rather toys that would stimulate his mind and that were lead paint free :) . I know, BORING! So Uncle Will thought he would teach us a lesson by giving Sean:
I am happy to report that Sean already knows his multiplication so well that he has now moved to using the cards as chew toys!

Some other great toys Sean got from family are also in the photo. Shape sorter, stackable color things, oh and you might recognize that creature like thing on the side . . . . yes that is a giant stuffed E coli. I was going to take it to school, but Sean seems really into the enormous eyes (and no, E coli don't really have eyes).
Thank you family for putting up with us and for encouraging Sean in his learning and growing! We love you all!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

10 on 10

Rebekah came up with the idea (via Bryan) to take a picture every hour for 10 hours on the 10th of each month (January 10th just so happens to be my sister's birthday so that is kind of fun). So I decided to join in. However I did skip about 6 hours while I was teaching since I don't want to post pictures of my students, and you all can only look at so many pictures of my desk . . . so my day skips a bit, but there are 10 there. Thanks Rebekah for the idea!



Happy Birthday Sis! You are such an inspiration and example to me! I love you much and hope your big day is very special.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Growing Boy

Sean has been changing so much lately, doing new things, and Ryan and I are constantly amazed and entertained by him. He brings so much joy to our lives!!!!

He has been doing this laugh/smile lately where he closes his eyes, pulls his shoulders up and does his old man wheeze. It is hilarious. He was reclining here so the picture is not very good, but if you enlarge the photo it is pretty stinking funny!

Sean has also become quite the little reader . . he loves his animals

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


So I guess it has been a while since I posted anything. It has been busy since December 9th, but Sean is now down for a nap, the kitchen is clean, laundry is started, I got a work out in (hopefully a new years thing that will stick), and I am currently uploading all the pictures of the last month to my iphoto. I guess that means I am out of excuses not to post. So here we go.

We traveled to New Mexico for the first part of Christmas break where Ryan's parents are wintering with their horses. It was beautiful weather and Ryan's brother Will and sister in law Stacey were able to make it as well. We had such a great time and Sean loved being with Ryan's family and the horses. Unfortunately forgot our camera battery so the photos are limited
Ryan's parents got Sean a horse for Christmas, and of course he needed a hat to wear while riding his horse. He loves bouncing around on the little guy!

We flew home on Christmas day and celebrated again with my family. Being a teacher and with Ryan's schedule basicaclly being a teacher's schedule (not to mention a very cool boss) we have had a great break spending time with friends and family, getting things done around the house, and attempting to do some more car shopping (nothing new yet).

It was a wonderful break and so far 2008 is looking to be a great one!