Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fun Times

With a 2nd one on the way, and Sean just turning 2 we have wondered when and how to make the transition from crib to bog boy bed . . . . lets just say Sean is apparently ready.

I don't have a video or picture of it yet, but the other day when Jane was watching Sean she heard a loud thump during his nap-time and a knock coming from the inside of his door. She said she opened the door and he was standing there and said, "Hi". This was the first time he has done this (thanks Jane for handling it so well) and lets just say his bedtime routine lasted oh, only 2 hours of putting him back into his crib again and again.

So the next day we broke out the big boy bed. I picked up some "fast car" sheets which he cuddled with all day, and was super excited to try it out. We were nervous about having another long night, but here is what we got instead. I suppose if he is sleeping in a big boy bed that means he really is a big boy. Oh, and yes, we do have a frame, it was just not in the house yet.

On another note, Sean still loves music and the other day he and Ryan had a little jam session. I don't know what this new move is - the spinning round and round and round - but I think it works for him.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

10 on 5-10

Happy Mother's Day!

Here are 10 things I love about being a mother:

1. The pure love that is experienced on a daily basis. It is a rawest, most amazing emotion I have ever experienced.2. Watching Sean grow into his own person, developing interests, likes, dislikes. He is our little man.3. Getting to watch this amazing man be a father.4. The simple joy it brings me everyday5. little hands, little feet, little nose, big belly6. when Sean spots me acrross a room, or playground, and comes running back over yelling, "Momma, Look!"
7. Little babes turning into little helpers8. Sleeping babies9. Days that I don't make dinner10. Moments like this:

Friday, May 08, 2009

The other day after work when Sean and I got home he insisted that we switch socks. It was pretty funny, and even funnier that he wore my socks around up to his thighs for the rest of the evening.
I know I should have seen it coming, that the novelty of using your own utensils would soon wear off
And finally, now for that highly anticipated belly shot:

:) Did I get you? The other night Ryan was getting Sean in his pjs and he came running out of the bedroom like this: We had fun laughing and doing a quick photo shoot.
Ok, if you have made it this far, here is the real one:

just over 31 weeks. Funny how my back side seems to grow at the same pace as my belly . . . . hmmmm strange how that works

Friday, May 01, 2009


Could it really be??!?!?!?!! Sean is 2 today. "Two years old" as he says. Oh what joy he has brought us these last 2 year, and continues to bring us every day. He is growing up, that is for sure. Here are some photos from his birthday.

We started the day off at the zoo
We even got to see the brand new penguin exhibit - it really is awesome.
Followed by lunch and run around time in the parkThen a casual dinner outside and a few presentsLike this cool train set from Grandma and Grandpa K.And ended the day by stopping by Mandy's party - thanks Mandy for sharing your party with Sean, and especially for the special little cake . . . . we will be working on the whole blowing out the candles bit :)Sean got an Elmo balloon from Alicia - in the car the windows were open and Elmo was bumping around some. This is Sean's reaction:

This video is our big boy multitasking: eating and singing at the same time. We have not broken it to him that it is actually not very polite.