Friday, May 08, 2009

The other day after work when Sean and I got home he insisted that we switch socks. It was pretty funny, and even funnier that he wore my socks around up to his thighs for the rest of the evening.
I know I should have seen it coming, that the novelty of using your own utensils would soon wear off
And finally, now for that highly anticipated belly shot:

:) Did I get you? The other night Ryan was getting Sean in his pjs and he came running out of the bedroom like this: We had fun laughing and doing a quick photo shoot.


Jenny said...

he is so cute! i've been loving spending more time with him when jane babysits!

and of course he needed to switch socks, he needed tights to go with his superman shirt- duh!

Stacey said...

The personality that boy has is amazing! :-) Can I use some of these pics in the "2" book or should we save them for "3"? Probably save them, huh? But they're so cute!!

Katie, Ryan, and Sean said...

you can use them Stacey - I think some of them are from before his birthday anyway.

Rebekah said...

ha ha, your son is hilarious!

Mandy said...

you're so funny & creative, Kate! And Sean's obviously developing your great sense of humor, too! So funy & such a cutie!