Friday, May 01, 2009


Could it really be??!?!?!?!! Sean is 2 today. "Two years old" as he says. Oh what joy he has brought us these last 2 year, and continues to bring us every day. He is growing up, that is for sure. Here are some photos from his birthday.

We started the day off at the zoo
We even got to see the brand new penguin exhibit - it really is awesome.
Followed by lunch and run around time in the parkThen a casual dinner outside and a few presentsLike this cool train set from Grandma and Grandpa K.And ended the day by stopping by Mandy's party - thanks Mandy for sharing your party with Sean, and especially for the special little cake . . . . we will be working on the whole blowing out the candles bit :)Sean got an Elmo balloon from Alicia - in the car the windows were open and Elmo was bumping around some. This is Sean's reaction:

This video is our big boy multitasking: eating and singing at the same time. We have not broken it to him that it is actually not very polite.


Stacey said...

HAHAHA!!! I almost spit coffee on my computer screen when I watched the video of him singing and eating at the same time! Man, I love that kid and miss him (and you guys) so much! Happy #2, Seany! We love you! Aunt Stacey and Uncle Will

Kristen said...

happy birthday, sean! you are such an awesome little boy! it was so fun to see you on your birthday and hear all about your trip to the zoo. it looks like you had the best birthday day!

love that video of sean laughing at his elmo balloon, katie!

The Greens said...

Katie, Ryan, & Sean. We are so happy to hear that you all have a blog site and now we can be a part of it. This is fantastic. We miss you guys and happy 2nd birthday to Sean! :) P.S. Thanks for finding our site. Love Chad, Tasha, & Peanut

Polly said...

Happy birthday to Sean. Love and kisses!!!!

Aleah said...

Wow, TWO!
Yes, everytime May 1st rolls around now I think of your little guy too!

Happy Birthday!