Friday, March 30, 2007

Lookin Good!

We are now 36 weeks along, which means it could happen any time (yes, it could be 6 more weeks, but here's to wishful thinking). So we have packed up the hospital bag and it is ready to go anytime we might need it. However the one thing we are having a hard time deciding on is the baby's coming home outfit. Since Ryan and I are such fashion forward people we really want to make the right decision for our child when it comes to his first clothing experience. So we have decided to let all you dedicated readers help us out a bit. Below are a few options we have narrowed it down to. Please feel free to give your vote and reason for choosing that certain outfit. I do realize this might be tough not knowing the baby's hair color, eye color, etc. So I have included either Ryan or my head on the outfit to better imagine what it might look like. Thanks for participating!

(yes, that does say "Baby's First Christmas")



Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oh Hello Again!

Has it really been that long????? Is anyone still checking our blog? Sorry I have been absent for so long, busy busy days - you know, teaching, birthing classes, taking naps, I can't keep track of it all. So here we are, almost 35 pregnant and realizing that this is really going to happen! Pretty exciting huh?

One of the fun things that has contributed to the business of the last 3 weeks was another shower thrown by my family. Again I felt so blessed by the women there and we are so humbled with the generosity of those around us, THANK YOU!!!!! AND, my sister and nephew flew in from Montana for the weekend which was a wonderful treat! I love seeing this little guy and feel very proud that he says my name when he sees me. He does also love his uncle Ryan!

Monday, March 05, 2007


My basketball and lucky number is 33, my husband was born on 3-3. His lucky number is 7, I was born on 7-17 (7 lbs). This last weekend was tons of fun! Not only did we celebrate Ryan's birthday, but we also got to go to a fun wedding and fellowship with good friends. It is nice going out right now and not having to worry about feeding the baby, napping, changing him etc. Don't get me wrong I am really looking forward to all of that, but we are trying to enjoy and take advantage of these last weeks of being kid-less. The following are some photos of this weekend, I also meant to take a picture of the German Chocolate Cake I made Ryan cause it was probably the coolest looking one I have done yet - but we ate it before I remembered to do that!
Ryan and I at the wedding - I can't wait to see this man as a father! He is already amazing and I know I will be even more blown away by who he is when I see him with our son! I love you Ryan!!!!

Rebekah and I - she was in the wedding and made all bridesmaids jewerly - it was all stunning!

Ryan and John, who shares the same birthday. We had a mini birthday celebration at our table!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy March!

Just 3 days after mid-winter break I was woken up at 5:25 with a call that school was cancelled! On March 1st?!?!?! Hope you all are enjoying this last bit of winter - here are a couple shots out our kitchen window (thanks to Kristen I just identified this as our camellia bush - I always thought it was a rhododendron, yes, I did take botany . . . .but I teach biology)