Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oh Hello Again!

Has it really been that long????? Is anyone still checking our blog? Sorry I have been absent for so long, busy busy days - you know, teaching, birthing classes, taking naps, I can't keep track of it all. So here we are, almost 35 pregnant and realizing that this is really going to happen! Pretty exciting huh?

One of the fun things that has contributed to the business of the last 3 weeks was another shower thrown by my family. Again I felt so blessed by the women there and we are so humbled with the generosity of those around us, THANK YOU!!!!! AND, my sister and nephew flew in from Montana for the weekend which was a wonderful treat! I love seeing this little guy and feel very proud that he says my name when he sees me. He does also love his uncle Ryan!


Mandy said...

Yay! You posted! I love that pic of you in the teal shirt- when was that taken? You're so adorable! And still more showers to lucky girl!
See you later on today!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us have Ryan for awhile. Wish you were here too!

Jenny said...

don't worry, we're checking