Friday, March 30, 2007

Lookin Good!

We are now 36 weeks along, which means it could happen any time (yes, it could be 6 more weeks, but here's to wishful thinking). So we have packed up the hospital bag and it is ready to go anytime we might need it. However the one thing we are having a hard time deciding on is the baby's coming home outfit. Since Ryan and I are such fashion forward people we really want to make the right decision for our child when it comes to his first clothing experience. So we have decided to let all you dedicated readers help us out a bit. Below are a few options we have narrowed it down to. Please feel free to give your vote and reason for choosing that certain outfit. I do realize this might be tough not knowing the baby's hair color, eye color, etc. So I have included either Ryan or my head on the outfit to better imagine what it might look like. Thanks for participating!

(yes, that does say "Baby's First Christmas")




Anonymous said...

Katie, I'm so glad you have not lost your sense of humor in the later stages of pregnancy! Many women hardly smile during the last four weeks; I'm proud of you! I am going to have to go with option number 2. Number 4 is tempting (if I had known Ryan looked so good in a cow outfit I would have gotten him one for Halloween also!) but I think you better start the little guy out as a cowboy - not a cow! Here's hoping the next four weeks go quickly - can't wait to welcome little Kyler!
Love and laughs, Mom

Bryan said...

well... I have to say that IF I had to choose, I mean, if I was FORCED to pick between these particular options, then I would go with the Option 1 option... BUT-
if I could make a suggestion, I'd say take Ryan's head, slap it on the body of a mongoose with a yellow striped turtleneck, and I'm SOLD.

Anonymous said...

I like the one with the stenciled "Baby" on the front. So if you ever get confused, being firtst time parents and all, you just look at the front of the onesie. Nuff said...

Jenny said...

What a fun game...what do I get if I pick the right one? That is what all of this blogging stuff is about right? Prizes!

I too will go for opt. 2! I mean his daddy IS a cowboy.

Ginny said...

I too ike the outfit that says "baby", but I'm sure there are cuter things that you've received to bring my great newphew home from the hospital in. Katie, I so glad you're feeling good now that the last few weeks are here. Hugs, Aunt Ginny

eTo & Pao said...

it's gotta be option 2.

Save option 1 for x-mas and option 4 for halloween hehe. (well, probably it won't fit anymore...).

But its very Montana-like.

Option 3 is just too plain.


Polly said...

I think you should bring the baby home in the 2nd one and Ryan home in the 4th. Maybe it's a milking cow and then you won't have to work so hard. Too far?