Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The countdown has begun

*warning, looooong post*

So we are down to 11 days til the due date! Crazy huh? We are ready to meet this little guy and love him even more than he has been loved already. I am sure that making a blog post will not be the number 1 priority on my list after the baby, but stay tuned because we will be getting pics and announcements up as soon as we remember to.

In the mean time, here are some events from the past month that have slipped right on by the blogesphere:

Ryan took another trip down to New Mexico to visit his parents and help them with the horses some. It is beautiful down there, and unfortunately I was not allowed to fly (and I am saving all my vacation for maternity leave) and could not join him this time.
Isn't he a stud?!?!? Ryan, not the horse!
Off in the distance is the white sands desert.
Here is the barn and track where Ryan's parents get to train their horses.
This is a world champion ass!
The neighbor goat fraternizing with sadie.

I also had two baby showers recently, one thrown by dear friends of the family Leigh and Kim, and the other thrown by two wonderful women at my church, Jayne and Julie. I cannot thank you all enough for opening your homes and celebrating this new life! Such a blessing! I have included pictures of me and the cakes (both of which were wonderful). I am 36 weeks in the first one and 37 in the second can you tell the difference?

It was spring break last week which was a huge blessing to have some time to get the finishing touches at home done, and spend some time together. One day we got out of town and drove to the tulips. I think this is one of hte first years I have made it before they all die.

Me and the baby, 37.5 weeks

ok, deep breath, pause, and here we go.

Lastly, like I said before we had some time to get things done around the house this week. And when I say "we" I mean I did laundry and Ryan did the rest - what a guy, can't wait to see him as a father!
I just snapped a few quick shots of the nursery, which according to me has been done since we put new paint on the walls, but the rest of your will be glad to see some things on the walls, more pictures will go up once we have some out of utero ones (it took Ryan and I 2 years to put a picture up on the walls in our living room - decorating is not so much a strong point for us). It is all ready for the baby.

I will be making a post here in the next couple days hopefully showing the improvements Ryan made on the upstairs bathroom recently so stay tuned . . .
Congrats if you made it this far!!!!!


Rebekah said...

Everything looks ready and you still look so beautiful and tiny, you have made pregnancy look like a breeze Katie! Our prayers are with you right now as we all wait by the phone for the big call...everytime you call my heart jumps! Love you guys!

Polly said...

How exciting - can't believe the big day is almost here! The room looks great - you've done a really good job with it, even if it isn't your favorite thing. I can't wait to meet this little guy!

Mandy said...

Yay! I can't wait to come over & see the nursery- looks so cute!
I'm so excited - I keep waiting to get the call from you!
And I'm glad you got to see the tulips, although, I'm jealous- this will be the only 2 years in a row that I can remember that I haven't gotten to see the tulips. :(

Jenny said...

crap, 11 days..I know any minute I'll get a text from Rebekah (no pressure) to let us know you're in the hospital. I'll be praying for you...good luck with labor!

I'm looking forward to seeing the baby's room in person..it looks very masculine.

And of course you look cute as usual!

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