Monday, March 05, 2007


My basketball and lucky number is 33, my husband was born on 3-3. His lucky number is 7, I was born on 7-17 (7 lbs). This last weekend was tons of fun! Not only did we celebrate Ryan's birthday, but we also got to go to a fun wedding and fellowship with good friends. It is nice going out right now and not having to worry about feeding the baby, napping, changing him etc. Don't get me wrong I am really looking forward to all of that, but we are trying to enjoy and take advantage of these last weeks of being kid-less. The following are some photos of this weekend, I also meant to take a picture of the German Chocolate Cake I made Ryan cause it was probably the coolest looking one I have done yet - but we ate it before I remembered to do that!
Ryan and I at the wedding - I can't wait to see this man as a father! He is already amazing and I know I will be even more blown away by who he is when I see him with our son! I love you Ryan!!!!

Rebekah and I - she was in the wedding and made all bridesmaids jewerly - it was all stunning!

Ryan and John, who shares the same birthday. We had a mini birthday celebration at our table!


Mandy said...

Ryan will be such a good dad. I was just telling Matt at the wedding that I've never thought of Ryan as anything near a lovey-dovey husband - but since you've been pregnant he just seems so much more responsive - all night at the wedding he always had his arm around you - it was adorable to see!

Rebekah said...

I totally echo that Mandy! You guys are going to be the cutest family! Oh and that cake - wow! When I got home I totally thought to myself KT should have taken a picture of that geourgeous thing for her blog! Oh well you will just have to make another one :)!

Rebekah said...
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Rebekah said...
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eTo and Pao said...

hey hey!

I didn't know it was Ryan's birthday!!! sorry bud! congratulations!!!

33!!!! wow! oldie!

No, really. Congratulations to both. It's coming sooner and sooner.

I'm excited. Uncle eTo and Aunt pao will have to go meet the baby soon :)

have a great one. I can't imagine ryan as a dad yet. gotta see that.

big hug, see ya

Polly said...

A very happy birthday to Ryan - another member of the same day/month birthday club! And ditto Becks' comments on the cake. You could be a professional. Kate - just a few weeks left and you are aboslutely glowing. Love you - P

amy said...

hi katie and ryan! it was very fun seeing you at jeff & jenny's wedding! katie you look great and i'm excited for this new big change for you both. ryan, full nelson rocks!

Bryan said...

Parenting Tip:
(free of charge)
(courtesy of BG Enterprises)

I can't remember where I picked this up, but bribery is probably the best way to get your kid to do things they don't want to do. My parents never bribed me once, and I will always remember wishing they had. Like, instead of just picking up my room, I wish they would have asked me to do it for like... 20 bucks.

Anyway, let your kid do what he wants and bribe him when he doesn't and he will grow up to appreciate everything.

Call me.

Jenny said...

wow, i was thinking "what a nice post this is.." up until I read Bryan's comment. BRRRYYYAAAN!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Ryan..he picked a great day to be born. In case you didn't realize it that's also mine and Jeff's wedding anniversary, hmm.

Can the baby come out and play already? I feel like you've been pregnant for ages..(though you don't look like it). I'm sure you're feeling a little anxious too.

God bless you in these last 7.5 weeks. ;)