Sunday, May 10, 2009

10 on 5-10

Happy Mother's Day!

Here are 10 things I love about being a mother:

1. The pure love that is experienced on a daily basis. It is a rawest, most amazing emotion I have ever experienced.2. Watching Sean grow into his own person, developing interests, likes, dislikes. He is our little man.3. Getting to watch this amazing man be a father.4. The simple joy it brings me everyday5. little hands, little feet, little nose, big belly6. when Sean spots me acrross a room, or playground, and comes running back over yelling, "Momma, Look!"
7. Little babes turning into little helpers8. Sleeping babies9. Days that I don't make dinner10. Moments like this:


Kristen said...

this is the sweetest, katie. love it. you are a beautiful mama!

Jenny said...

fun theme katie! i can't wait for little helpers too ;)

Stacey said...

Katie, I LOVE this post. You are such an amazing mama. That picture of Sean sitting in the canoe is INCREDIBLE!!

Mandy said...

Such cute pics, Kate! I love that one of sean wearing his hat in the boat! You do have 2 amazing guys in your life :) I miss the little one today :( What a cutie!

The Greens said...

You know, I have to be honest and candid with you, I really believe that you and Ryan are the best parents I know. You are so patient and so loving and so calm and consistent. I just need a moment to rub my belly against yours, Katie, so that just a little of your Mommy mojo might rub off on me. Adorable pics!