Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fish Tales

There is a great fishing creek here at the ranch - Ryan, the kids and I packed dinner the other day and set out to catch us some trout.
Molly was super excited about throwing rocks in the water - and almost falling in the water.
Sean and Ryan, focused
Sean, pretty proud of his catch - but not going to touch it.
Molly, trying to focus
Can you see her little face here? It is awesome.Molly's tiny catch. She was also proud. She touched it without hesitation. And yes, she does have a fat lip and scuffed up chin in this picture - that is how she rolls.

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KC & Candice Carden said...

I love your blog! You guys have the cutest little family and I love being able to keep up with what you are doing! We have moved back north too, away from flat, hot Texas, and are now in Sheridan, WY...hoping the job here works out and we can stay forever!
Hope you guys are doing well!