Friday, February 16, 2007

A special Valentine's Day

So we had an appointment earlier this week, just a regular appointment. But my belly was measuring small so our Doctor wanted us to come in for another ultrasound. It kind of freaked us out, but we also were excited that we would get to see our little boy again. So we went in on Valentine's Day and got some more pictures of him. He is obviously bigger now, so the pictures are not as good, but he is still pretty darn cute! Oh, and everything is fine with him and my belly size. He must have just been laying flat when she took the measurement - playing jokes already!!!

Here is his profile - if look closely you can see his lips, nose, forehead, and you can even see three of his fingers right above his lips!

The next two shots are looking directly at his face.

And finally. . . his feet. So cute! The ultrasonographer said he had a big head and big feet, she also said he was a cute baby (like she would tell expectant parents any different!).

And here is my belly at 29.5 weeks - it isn't moving out a lot, but it sure is moving more up into my ribs if you compare it with previous ones.


Anonymous said...

Adorable-- you can tell he is CUTE!!! (no surprise!)

What a great valentine's day!

Katie D

Jenny said...

i can tell he's getting bigger...this is great!

Kristen said...

so awesome, katie. i'm so glad you've been sharing both the ultrasound shots and the growing belly shots! all are wonderful and, as katie already said, adorable.

- eTo and Paola said...


nice to hear everything is good.
Very amazing shots of the baby :D

big head... like the dad.

keep us updated... very exciting :D