Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In the 30s

So I am officially in the home stretch - two months from today our lives will hopefully be drastically different. I have been pregnant now for 31.5 weeks and it has felt like 2 years! I am still enjoying pregnancy, feeling him move around, trying to identify body parts as they protrude from my belly, and knowing that he is safer than he ever will be out here.

People ask what the biggest change is that I have gone through during this pregnancy and after the picture I took this morning it is official, I am becoming less and less photogenic! I mean I have really not be satisfied with my last few pictures, but this one in particular was so bad (we took 3 even) that I cut a face off another picture (which is also not very good) and put it on this picture. I mean it was BAD! So needless to say here is a picture of me at 31.5 weeks.

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Rebekah said...

you are so adorable! And despite everything going on :) you do look bigger in this shot! It is so fun to watch your belly grow and watch you and Ryan delight in feeling him move and kick! Ahhh I am getting so excited to meet your little guy, try to relax and enjoy these last weeks together and get ready for the ride of your life :)!!
Love you guys!