Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Reveal

Alright, the moment we have been waiting for. Our good friends threw us a small party where we as well as all the guests were suprised by the gender of the baby by opening up a present. So, here is the picture story of the night . . .

The Party:

The gift:




Kristen said...

Yay! What a wonderful way to find out and to celebrate. Thanks for sharing the fun news!

Happy Thanksgiving, Kyler Family!

Love, Kyle and Kristen

Mandy said...

That was so fun, Kate! Thanks for inviting us. It was great to share that moment with you 2.
Love you guys!

Eliza said...

Hi, Katie.
I was pretty sure the new "Katie" blog linked from Kristen's blog was yours, but I waited until a photo appeared to be sure. :)
Much congratulations to you & your hubby on the excited of starting a family. And what a fun way to reveal the gender!
Best wishes,
Eliza (Hearn, now Penick)

Jenny said...

Yeah! All these baby boys..It will be so fun to see them grow up together. Besides, Sylvia didn't need any competition to be Simon's girlfriend. Now it looks like she's got options!

I got you a little present to remember your winter pregnancy. I'll have to give it to you the next time I see you guys.

Congratulations again!

eTo & Paola said...

hey guys!
once again joining the party to celebrate!!!!

We're very happy to see everything is going great :)

We'd have loved to "physically" join you ... too bad we weren't invited (hehe).

And well, at last you know :) Baby boy, eh?

Well, we were talking about that today and both pao and I somehow already had the feeling that it was going that way. We're geniuses!

So well, we're really really glad.
We'll make sure to send a little gift to Junior :)

Big hug!

Ryan & Katie said...

Thanks everyone for your comments and well wishes. We are VERY excited! Hope you all had a great thanksgiving and we will talk to you all soon!

Steve said...

I love it, my man! It was great catching up with you this week.