Sunday, July 22, 2007

So cute

Sean does love his bath time!!!!

Oh, and I took these pictures with my new camera that I got for my birthday from Ryan, his parents and my parents. Here is a picture of the new mugs I got also! I got a couple other gifts from some very good friends that I will be sharing in time. Thank you all for a wonderful birthday!!!!!


bryan said...

i was expecting some video work!

Jenny said...

seriously..where is the video? I was just going to try and view it again.

eTo and Paola said...


unbelievable. We missed the site for a few days and now we got back a couple of days ago and find him so grown and full of baby fat (specially on the 2 months ones) hehe. How cute!

The video is great too!

Congratulations for your birthday (better late than ever, eh?).

Hope everything keeps going as well as today. Blessings,