Friday, May 09, 2008


I am hoping it is here to stay. I have been enjoying these moments of spring that have fleetingly been popping up here and there. Here are a few spring moments we have had:

Sean looking out the window at the birds and neighbors walking their dogs (Sean has it backwards and calls them "gaad"). Notice how he is up on his tip toes . . . Ryan loves how he does this. Then he heard I had the camera out and got curious.

The first air dry of the season . . . I forgot how much I loved hang-drying Sean's diapers. They just seem cleaner and fresher that way. Do you think Sean will be embarassed to know that I talk about his diapers on the world wide web?
I also thought I would mention these new clothes pins I picked up at Target. I used the traditional wooden ones all last spring/summer and had to buy new ones this year because they did not hold up. So when I went to purchase some I saw these new fancy clothes pins and thought I would give then a try. Perhaps they will last more than a year

And finally I have not been very good at posting pictures of the trees in our yard. . . they are in full bloom now and it is quite spectacular. We really have to enjoy the cherry blossom one now because those flowers have already started to fall off.


Rebekah said...

those are all such beautiful signs of spring Katie. I love how big and curious Sean is getting - I know I keep saying it but how is it possible that he is a year?! What a major cutie!
I - love the picture of the diapers on the line..and the color of those pink blossoms next to the olive green house looked amazing the other day so I am glad you captured it!
We had such a wonderful time with you guys this evening...we love hanging out with your family Katie and I loved listening to your thoughts on clean water, really good! Enjoy your weekend. xo

Jenny said...

whoah, talk about transformation! Can't wait to get home and see what my little tree has produced...and perhaps figure out what it is!