Sunday, August 03, 2008

back home

We just got home from quite the vacation to see my sister and her family, then onto spend a couple weeks with Ryan's family. Sean had a fabulous time both places! Thank you all for your hospitality!!!

Riding in the wagon with cousin Abbi
Enjoying the splash park down the street
Sean and cousin Addison at the local water park

This is a video of Sean riding Maria - this was his first horse back ride and he LOVED it! Sean's cousin Rylan was leading Maria for him.
Sean was a big help at Grandma and Grandpa's barn
Grandma got Sean his own little chair to have at the barn - he really like it. This picture is of Who (KR Streakin Who) visiting Sean in his chair. Who was one of Sean's favorite horses.
Sean's play pen. Union Station (the horse) in the background.

Sean also got his own little swing to hang on the horse walker - don't worry we didn't put him on there while the horses were on. Can you tell he was teething?????

Ryan got to have some fun also (here on Hawk). He galloped for his dad which means he exercised the race horses. It was the first time he had done this and I think he is hooked. Not to mention he did a great job. Notice not alot to hang onto there.
We visited a raptor center which was fun since Sean loves birds - we might have scared him a little though, with being so close to them all. Below he is signing bird - there is a huge golden eagle in the background.I think he likes them better from a distance.Sean saying goodbye to Cartel And not wanting to leave Grandma. We had a great time!


Stacey said...

Katie, I'm so jealous!!! :-) I sure wish we could have been there with you. Looks like Sean feels pretty comfortable with the horses!! Miss you guys, Stacey

Rebekah said...

looks like you had such a great time! I am looking forward to hearing all about it in person, glad you are home we have missed seeing you! xo

Mandy said...

LOVE that video of Sean riding the horse! What a lucky boy! And that pic of him on his swing attached to the horse walker- that's hilarious!

Jenny said...

these photos are wonderful...i'm really feeling a "ranch" itch...too bad horseback riding is out when you're pregnant!

katie on the front porch said...

looks like you had a great time-- can't wait to see you guys-- we'll get our act together and figure something out! Oh yeah-- I like being able to comment on your blog! ;)