Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving break :: Day One

We had an amazing time in Montana for Thanksgiving break - we took a lot of pictures so I will split it up into a few posts; here is day one on the Ranch:

Sean getting used the cold weather, and his mittens (notice the next few pics, they did not stay on long)

Watching Grandpa break horses
Hanging out with Grandma

My brother, Tim, came out with us - here he is helping out with chores

Sorry dad, seat's taken.
A good compromise
A few deer
Sean playing with some toys at Grandma's house - he is pointing to the shark. He loves sharks, and bees. Weird?

Isn't this really what blocks are for?


Rebekah said...

ah, it looks like such a fun trip. One of these days I really want to visit the ranch it looks so peaceful! Now that you are home we NEED to get together, I have had more dreams with you in it :)!! Glad your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

kristen gough said...

looks like you all had a great time! i love your photos, katie, and look forward to seeing the rest! sean is so cute, and looks perfectly at home on the ranch!

Jenny said...

Bees and sharks? Kind of opposite ends of the spectrum, eh?

I just realized I was supposed to watch Sean last week- sorry, I totally spaced ;) forgive me?

Katie, Ryan, and Sean said...

Thanks for the sweet comments ladies - Rebs, we do have to get together!
-Kristen, Sean does love the ranch - it is funny how at home he and Ryan are there.
-Jenny, I figured you were a little busy last week - it all worked out fine. Maybe you can watch him later this week?!?!?! :)