Thursday, July 23, 2009

1 week

Molly is one week old today. She is doing great, as is Sean. He seems to be taking to is "baby sister" quite well. Enjoy the pictures!!!!!
Just holding hands
What do you think? Siblings?
Sean was about a week old in the picture on the left - Molly on the right.
We even got out last night to the Greenwood Seafair Parade. Good times with friends and family, and good food (thank you Goughs!). I think the kids had just a little bit of fun.


Rachel Womelsduff Gough said...
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Rachel Womelsduff Gough said...

The pictures of Sean and Molly at one week old with their hands behind their heads are hilarious. They are definitely siblings.

Polly said...

Aw, one week already! So cute - looks like you're settling in nicely. Love and kisses, P