Monday, May 17, 2010

May 16th & 17th

Molly was dedicated at our church this last Sunday. It was a special day. She was dedicated along with the adorable Amelia and Wes, children of friends of ours. I remember Sean being dedicated and how emotional it was - this did not change one bit. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of the actual dedication (if anyone who attended did, I would love any you might have). I did get a couple from that morning.

Molly Elizabeth:
Molly - a form a Mary. Both our mother's names are Mary, and Ryan's Great-grandmothers name was Molly.
Elizabeth - meaning "consecrated to God". Many women in my family have this as a middle name, myself included. It is also the first name of my Grandmother, Molly's Great-grandmother who turned 90 years old the same day our Molly was dedicated.

Molly, Great-grandma (Elizabeth), and I
Today is May 17th - Norway's Independence Day. There is a small parade in town that my brother, my dad, and I took the kids to. Sean had a blast sitting with the big kids, and seeing all the drums.
Sean had his first lollipop about 2 weeks ago and it was hilarious watching him try to eat it. Today at the parade a lollipop landed at his feet and he was transfixed . . . he just kept staring. What an awesome boy!
Hope you had a great day!


Jenny said...

We were at the parade too, rats that we missed you!

Loved having Wes dedicated alongside your sweet Molly!

Kristen said...

the dedication was very special, and we loved being there, sharing in that significant moment with your family. we love you guys! and we love your sweet daughter, molly!

Stacey said...

Such great pictures, Katie!!! Molly looks just precious and I love the pictures of Sean at the parade...especially the one of him cheesin' for the camera! ;-)

Chad, Tasha and Lola Green said...

We miss you guys. I think we all need to get together. A big Kyler & Green gathering. We are going to Colorado this summer. Would be amazing if you all could come out. I think Lola and Molly would be great friends. :) Love you guys!