Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 3

We are entering week 3 of being in Texas. So far things have been good, especially considering we have been having days in the 70s and 80s and it has been raining non stop back home. I can't complain there. Our first week down here my sister-in-law, Stacey, came to visit. Not only did she help me a ton getting settled and watching the kids while I worked, but she also is an amazing photographer and blessed us with some much needed family pictures! You can check out more of here work (and more of our pics) on her facebook, and check out her other professional shoots on her blog and NEW website: Here are a couple of my favorite:

(molly's attempt at a smile)

Today the kids and I went exploring to find a new park - I think they liked the one we found. The following pics were taken by me, not Stacey (as if I even needed to write that :)).

So, I suppose we are adjusting well for 3 weeks out. I hope to post more regularly. And I will get photos of our house up at some point. Hope you all are doing well!!!


Katie said...

Looking at these pics, I was struck by how awesome this experience is going to be for Sean and Molly's relationship-- they are going to bond and be such little buddies!

We love you guys and hope to talk to you on the computer soon!

Jenny said...

70s and 80s sound nice!

And it looks like Sean got a haircut, but I must say I was really beginning to like his long locks ;)

Hoping to see you in Texas in June!

Kristen said...

beautiful photos of your family!! i love your photo, katie, of the kids putting bark in the bucket together. such a sweet moment! love you guys!

Tavo said...

What nice pictures! We miss you. We're praying for you too. Hope to see you someday soon.

Toni said...

Oh, their soooooo cute! I love/miss them alot!!! gosh someone there is an awesome picture taker :)