Thursday, July 07, 2011

the 4th

We had a wonderful 4th of July down here in Texas. We started the day with a small parade in downtown Mckinney. We saw plenty of cars, motorcycles, and horses. Our one Seattle connection, Kristen, joined us and we had a blast.
Sean: "Look, its Doc!!"

And some sparkly pink horses
It is kind of hard to see, but downtown Mckinney is actually a really fun, cute, old town square with great shops and places to eat.
Later we were paid a visit by none other than Roberto! Came all the way from Costa Rica to visit us (not really, but it makes a good story). We had a blast catching up, and throwing the kids at him. We missed you Paola!!
Hope you all had a great 4th as well!


kristen gough said...

So, so fun! It makes me happy that you spent part of the 4th with Kristen, too. Always love seeing photos of your sweet family, Katie!

The Courter Family said...

fun! love the photos and sean's hair is so short!! looking forward to seeing you soon :)

Paola said...

I will be there next time!! I really wanted to be there :) eto had a great time.

eTo said...

of course I flew all the way just to visit you :) with great timing actually!! ;)

and yeah, it WAS fun catching up, and your kids are so funny and lovely :)

big hug to y'all (texan style).