Friday, January 12, 2007

Air mail

We received a great little suprise in the mail today, our friends Roberto and Paola from Costa Rica sent us, well sent the baby a Christmas Gift. We are so greatful for their friendship and can't wait to take a picture of Roberto and Paola with the little guy in his new outfit (in Seattle)! See you guys in May!

Ryan, Eto and Paola in Costa Rica (Katie took the picture)


Rachel Z said...


My site meter told me that someone found my blog through yours, but I have no idea how! Do you? As it's de-lurking week, I thought I'd say hello. And I see you're having a baby, very cool. I'll check in every now and then to read about your adventures of pregnancy and parenting. What a ride!

eTo and Pao said...

Hey guys!!!!! It's so cool that we got to be on your blog's headline, hehe...

And well yeah, we were so excited that we were going to give you a happy surprise on these days :) We're very glad that you guys liked it.

We also hope that we can meet soon when the baby has arrived so we can get together and all that :) Very very exciting times.

Well, have a really nice one, and we surely are very happy about your friendship, too. Take good care, see you guys soon.


eTo and Pao.

PS> Really old skool picture you got there... that was like 2 years (and 15 pounds) ago -hehe. (on my side). Pao, as usual, is looking greater everyday, that's for sure. We'll make sure to send you some recent pics one of these days.