Friday, August 03, 2007

Bobble-head and rolly-polly

The first video is of Sean standing up with Ryan's help. I like to call him bobble-head Sean when he does it. The second video is of Sean rolling over . . . that's right, rolling over! Now I don't know if it is a fluke that he is doing it this early, but he did it like 10 times today - everytime I put him on his belly he would roll right over. Pretty funny!!! Oh, I have to warn you the second video has a little spit up in it.


Jenny said...

he's a genius!!!

Kristen said...

these are great, katie! way to go, sean!

Rebekah said...

I seriously think he might pull a full nelson on Ryan one of these days :)...he is the cutest!

Baby Courter said...

Hey guys!
So good to see you at church on Sunday :) we miss you guys and hope to hang out soon.

Time flys by so fast! I can't believe how bit Sean is...what a CUTIE!!!!

Ginger misses you too!! She'll probably pee herself next time she see's you both :) Her & Conner are liking their new run now.


etoherrera said...

Hey guys!

Amazing to see all this process of this baby boy grow up! It's all so cool! And he gets cuter every day!

We're glad everything is going fine :) This morning I (eTo) replied your last email... sorry about the late reply...

By the way, Ryan, i love that retro flannel shirt hehe. So 90's.

Take care

-eTo and paola