Thursday, August 16, 2007

whooo it's the zoo!

Both Ryan and I love the zoo - we both have always thought it would be so fun to work there with the animals. So we couldn't pass up the opportunity to take Sean to see all the animals before school started back up for us. It was a beautiful day and I really think Sean had a good time. I was quite pleased with how much he liked the otters as those are some of my favorite animals to watch (although they are quite rodent like on land).
Enjoying the day with dad
Aren't these the craziest animals you have ever seen? I mean have you really looked at them? What are those things on their heads? Pretty amazing!
The African Savanah put Sean right to sleep . . . .

Ever since Sean realized that he can support himself with his little legs all he wants to do is stand up. It is pretty darn cute.


Mandy said...

I miss him! I'm going to have to come over soon after I get home- so I can catch up on my Sean-time!

Jenny said...

So was great to be able to finally hold him as the young man he's quickly becoming last weekend.

What an adorable family you have!