Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wedding and a plane ride

We just celebrated Ryan's brother's wedding this last weekend out on the east coast - it was such a great weekend and we were blessed to be around Ryan's family. The wedding was amazing and Will and Stacey are a beautiful couple. Thank you for being such great hosts and for throwing a great party! This trip was also Sean's first plane ride and he did awesome. He is such a great baby. We gave him the unofficial title of best dressed for the weekend. Here are some pictures of the events and beautiful scenery
Sean loved Will & Stacey's dog Bailey

Sean and Grandpa Ed outside the winery where the wedding took place - it was beautiful!

Here is Will and Stacey at the rehearsal - the patio to the right is where the reception was and the wedding ceremony took place at the bottom of the hill - it was a long walk for the bride!

Wedding day

Don't they look good?!?!?!

Getting ready to head back home


Polly said...

Aw, SO cute! And it looks like he'd really like a puppy . . . Sean I mean. Not Ryan. : ) Although he'd like a puppy too, I'm sure.

Jenny said...

Those hats are ridiculous!

Rebekah said...

oh my gosh what a cutie! He has such a great smile and I also just love those hats!!

Mandy said...

He does win the best dressed award! Especially that cabby hat- he looks just like his daddy!
Was that Simon's suit he wore? so cute
And I must say that that last picture is my favorite! It makes me miss him!

Baby Courter said...

What a stinkin' cutie that little Sean is!! Can't wait to watch him Tuesday...unless of course I go into labor :) yeah!!

Stacey said...

There is no doubt that Sean was BY FAR the best dressed for the entire weekend! That little guy won the hearts of every person who met him....we're still getting comments about how adorable our nephew is!!! (Of course, when you're not here, we take complete credit for it!!) :-) It was so great to see you guys -- miss you already!