Wednesday, October 24, 2007

woof woof

So the other night we were reading one of Sean's books, which he loves doing, and he was really getting a kick out of the animal noises I was making to go along with the pictures. He smiled at the roar of the lion, liked the meow of the cats, and chuckled at the chirping of the birds. But when we turned to the page with the puppies. . . .well take a look for yourself:

I also wanted to post a beautiful picture of Ryan's brother and sister in law at their wedding. The couple looked so beautiful and the night was straight out of a fairy tale. Thank you Will and Stacey for making our trip so special and for letting us share in celebrating your wedding!

The family (minus me)

many people say Sean looks like my brother Tim, but I think I can see some resemblance to his Uncle Will as well . . what do you think????


Kristen said...

i have a huge smile on my face having just watched that sweet video of sean, katie. how fun! what a joy to see you making your son laugh! he is such a cute little boy.

Rebekah said...

oh my gosh he is getting so big, what a cutie! I love seeing him grow up, you guys are doing the most incredible job with him!

Eliza said...

That video of Sean is so cute! You never know what babies are going to find funny. The other day I was playing with my girlfriend's 7 month old & tossing a ball into the air & catching it--she was laughing so hard I had to pause every now & then so she could breath! Enjoy it!