Wednesday, November 14, 2007

busy days

Life has been busy lately hence the lack of posts for a bit now. I will give you all a quick update along with plenty of pictures to look at.

Sean has been slowly taking to solid foods - his fist week or so was give or take - not real into it, but lately he has been digging it a little more. In fact last night he ate almost a full ice cube size sweet potato puree. We actually jumped right into doing the fresh fruits and veggies instead of rice cereal - he just seems to like them better. His favorite is when we hand him a piece of pear and let him just chew away. It is pretty cute. This is a video of the first time he tried solids - I don't know if he just liked chewing on the spoon, but didn't seem to get much of the food in his mouth.

This past weekend my sister and her family were in town for a worship conference and wedding. They did manage to find some time during their busy schedule to hang out with us. Here are a couple pics of the cousins hanging out (Addison just turned 2):

Sean was also dedicated at our church this last Sunday by our pastor Richard. We were so blessed to have so many friends and family there, physically and in spirit, to support us and to pray for Sean as we dedicated his life to Christ. It was an amazing experience and we want to with all our hearts love this child like Christ loves us.

On memorial day it was free educators day at the aquarium. So my mom and dad went down with Sean, Ryan, and I to enjoy the day. Sean LOVED it! I couldn't believe how into the fish he was. He really like the tropical fish and would just follow them all over the place, he watched the salmon hatchlings for a long time, and even fell asleep on Grandpas lap as we watched the salmon, shark, and sturgeon swim by. It was a great day out.

we didn't realize we were standing under that sign, but it makes for a funny picture . . . .
And finally, here is what Sean has to say about all these busy events:


Mandy said...

I LOVE that you post video of little sean! I just sit here laughing at how cute & funny he is! Love it!

Jenny said...

couple of things...

- I love the pics of sean and cuz, how cute is that?
- is that your sister? she looks so much like your mom?
- your bangs are really cute Katie (totally worthy of a blog post of their own- how did you decide to do it?)

Casey said...

The pictures and video are SO cute :) Things to look forward to!

and I second Jenny's comment on your bangs...very cute!

Ryan & Katie said...

Thanks for the compliments on my bangs . . .still trying to figure out what I think of them, it was kind of a spur of the moment "I need a change" decision. Jenny - that is my sister in that photo with Sean & I also love the pics of the cousins. Especially the one of Addison "hugging" Sean!

Jenny said...

Finally got to see the videos (they aren't viewable at my work) Sean's bib ;)