Friday, November 30, 2007


My awesome little brother is in Africa! He left Wednesday to go spend 3 weeks travelling, most of which will be spent in Tanzania. Tim has a friend from college who is a teacher/missionary in Tanzania through the Project Kesho. Tim will be helping them out for a couple weeks as well as doing some sightseeing. Please pray for a safe journey for Tim as well as lots of amazing experiences. I will be sure to get some pictures from him upon his return. Love you Tim!!!!!

Oh, I have to mention hoever that the Christmas truck has made its return this year even with my brothers absence for most of the Christmas season. So if you see it rolling around town it may be my dad or Ryan driving . . . are there any volunteers out there wanting to spread a little Christmas Joy??????


Mandy said...

I totally forgot about the Christmas truck! How cute that it will still be making the rounds :)
Love that little hat & mitten set Sean is wearing, by the way. Leta thinks he looks pretty cute in it too :)

Anonymous said...

Let me know if you need a hand with the Christmas truck...that is right up my alley.
- Chris

Jenny said...

that's awesome, I too forgot that tim did this..but i must admit, i've never seen it in person.

what a good sister you are...not to, wife, and teacher ;)

keep up the good work Katie!

Casey said...

Ah a Christmas truck! :) How cute! I'd love to see that if i were out driving around town...