Thursday, April 10, 2008

10 on 10: April

Uh, started this post yesterday, computer died, finally finished . . . Here we go
So each 10 on 10 we get little windows into each other's days. So for this 10 on 10 I took that literally. Each picture below is either taken through a window, or of a window in which I encountered today. I hope you enjoy!

Kitchen window while eating breakfast

car window on way to work

classroom window
classroom window with student DNA model (don't worry, those gross streaks are on the outside, not inside:)
The back of my classroom is lined with windows into the neighboring classroom. I always wonder who thought this would be a good idea in a high school. Luckily the curtains are always shut and students are pretty good at leaving them be.
Parents house - and their magnolia tree, picking up Sean
The window in our Attic - who needs a window in the attic?

The old window we got from the the old farmhouse on Ryan's families ranch

Sean and I managed to go for a walk during the 15 minutes of rain - here we are back inside

barbecuing outside, Sean eating inside


Kristen said...

such a fun theme, katie, and wonderful shots! i absolutely love that old window from the ranch...especially how you have displayed it with adorable photos of your little boy!

Mandy said...

creative theme- Kate! I'm impressed :) I also love that ranch window- but then you knew that!

Jenny said...

ditto's on the theme...good work!