Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Shorts

Ryan came home today from doing some errands with an early birthday present for Sean, these new athletic shorts. They only had size 2T, but they were so cute Ryan had to get them anyway.

Ryan then went on to tell me that everyone wears their shorts that big now so it won't matter at all. so . . . what is this all about then?

Sean is really into putting things away - here he is putting his wooden blocks away - into Ryan's slippers.

Pointing at the giraffes at the zoo

And finally, here are some of the latest pictures of the trees in our yard. They are changing so rapidly right now I am having a hard time keeping up.


Rebekah said...

wait, is Ryan wearing Sean's size 2T shorts and an afro wig? cool..
loved your ten on ten photos Katie and your theme - such a neat idea!

The Courter Family said...

WOAH Ryan!!
cute photo of Sean. You know he'll grow into those faster than you can imagine :)