Thursday, October 09, 2008


Sean is such a lucky boy.
While I work during the week Sean gets to hang out with Nana (my mom). Every Thursday they go to (lets call it) movement class together. Today was an inservice day at school so I played hookie for an hour and got to experience the class with them. It was so fun to see Sean learning and having fun, but it warmed my heart even more to watch him with my mom. I have seen them together in many settings, but this was special - it was a time that was and is special for the two of them. I am not sure who enjoys it more :)

So thank you mom for loving our boy so much, and for all you do for us. We all love you very much, and Happy Birthday!


Rebekah said...

oh my word that is so sweet, where is this class? Happy Birthday Mary you are one awesome Lady!

Polly said...

That is so sweet! Your mom rocks.

It looks fun too - I want to go!


Jenny said...

That is adorable! Happy Birthday Mary! I didn't realize our birthdays were so close ;)

oh, and Polly, if you check this again...Happy Birthday to you too! I can't remember the last time it was actually sunny on our birthday so I hope you were able to enjoy the weather!