Saturday, April 11, 2009

10 on 4-10

Once again, life interfered and I was unable to get 10 pictures . . . . one wouldn't think this would be a hard task . . . at least there is always next month! Here is my attempt:

Sick boy
Breakfast of Champions: Creamy Earl Grey (highly recommended) and vitamin C (also highly recommended)
Playing at Nana's while mom had 27 week appt.

<Insert not yet taken belly shot here>

Sleeping in the car
Have I mentioned we are sick?


Mandy said...

so sorry you're sickies still! Are you still feeling okay, Kate or did you catch it now, too?
Sean's still so cute even as a sickie, though :)

Casey said...

Oh, sorry to hear you are all sick :P I dealt with that a week ago....not fun! Still love seeing your pics for 10 on 10!

Kristen said...

get well soon, kylers! we missed you today at the egg hunt; it just wasn't the same without your sweet family! your ten on ten photos are very sweet, katie. happy easter to all of you!