Wednesday, April 08, 2009

v a c a t i o n

This last week was spring break for me. It was a much needed break and we spent the later half of it visiting my sister and her family in Montana. On Friday we drove to Kellogg Idaho to spend the weekend at the indoor water park/resort they have built there. Sean had a blast all week doing new things with Addison and Abbi and LOVED the water park as well. Enjoy the pics!

Fun with Addison at the children's museum:

My sister teaches a mommy and me water arobics class - so Sean and I tagged alongFriday morning, the local gymnastics club had open gym for pre-schoolers. Sean had a blast!

This was hilarious!

And the water park - I didn't take as many photos as I thought, mainly Sean went down this slide about 500 times. He LOVED it!


Kristen said...

what great shots of your vacation, katie! it looks like you all (and especially sean) had so much fun. what a big boy sean is on that waterslide!! loved the videos!

Stacey said...

Katie, looks like so much fun!! The videos are amazing. So glad you guys were able to have some time off and visit your sister. I got the cd you sent me in the mail and I'm already starting to work on the book!!

Anonymous said...

mark and i just watched the trampoline video together-- it was so cute! (and hilarious)

glad you had fun and got a much-deserved break.

katie d

Jenny said...

i love the videos..I bet Sean will love seeing these when he gets older. At least I always wanted to see video of myself ;)

He's SOOO cute Katie! Now where's a prego shot of YOU?