Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finally! It is the last day of school for me. Really, are we the last district still in session or what?!?!? So now we can get on to more important things, like mowing the lawn in our diaper, and having a baby! Hooray for summer!!!!!


Stacey said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your last day!! So exciting! Can't wait to see all FOUR of you in August, although I don't plan to mow your lawn in my diaper...hope that's acceptable. :-)

Brueck Family said...

Yay Katie, you made it!!! Now you will have time to put your feet up and just relax....oh wait, you still have a two year old at home. Enjoy your time with him before my little niece comes!!

Anonymous said...

yay! so glad you are done-- you deserve a break! hope you get some good rest and relaxation in before your little girl decides to come.

katie d

Rachel said...

Phew! Thank goodness it's the last day. I think we WERE the last ones.

Hope you're doing well Katie! I love Sean and the lawnmower. :)

Rachel E

Jenny said...

congratulations...what a relief!

sean is just too adorable...would he mind coming over to our house and mowing?

Prince said...

That little guy really does have the best work ethic!!! Smooch that little hardworker for me. Miss you guys!

Happy 4th of July!!!