Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ten on ten - June


Kristen said...

looks like a fun-filled day!

so happy to see that you'll be using the moses basket! :) and what fun to look at the stacks of adorable girl outfits!

and i loved the belly shot of you over on rebekah's ten on ten! you are so beautiful pregnant, katie!

Mandy said...

yay! love seeing Sean with all his little buddies. Glad we didn't both have that same shot of the 2 of them :)

Stacey said...

Katie, these pictures are adorable. I especially like the one of Sean and his friend gardening (they look so serious) looks like Sean is supervising the project and making her do all the work! :-)

Prince said...

What darling photos! Tell Sean that I've heard lots of interesting noises in DC that I'm sure he would be interested in. That noise!!!

I haven't contacted Stacey yet but I looked at her blog and she is a great photographer...I hope to meet her soon.