Tuesday, April 12, 2011

more pics & a video

We have had some incredible visitors during our time down here, Aunt Stacey, Nana, and most recently Uncle Tim and Aunt Alicia! Thanks all for coming to visit us.

I failed to mention in the last post that many of "my pictures" were actually taken by Tim or Alicia (oops). Here are a few more they took that are adorable:

Tim and Alicia also got to come to Sean's flag football class last weekend. Uncle Tim helped Sean out on the field a bit:
(some of these were also taken by Tim or Alicia)

Molly wanting in on the action:
water break
That's my kid - the one paying attention, ready position.
that's my kid: the one not really stretching. He actually came over right before and told me he didn't want to stretch. It took some major convincing to get him out there.
hugs for Uncle Tim for helping
Sean in action, running a route. Don't worry, none of the kids caught a pass.

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