Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My 1st and probably only . . .

Crafting Post!

Yes folks, this is a crafting post - no you did not come to the wrong blog.

I saw a couple images of this paint chip Easter egg garland around the internet and thought it was super cute and potentially super easy.
However, I knew that I did not want to drag 2 kids to the hardware/art store for paint chips and white twine, and figured I could come up with supplies enough at home to make our own version.

Here is our experiment:

It is not nearly as clean and pretty looking, but it was a lot of fun (I know right?!?!) and Sean is pretty proud of his creation. There might be something to this crafting thing after all . . . . maybe this isn't my last crafting post.


Rebekah said...

I have a huge smile on my face - I always adore your paper crafts Katie!!! I need to email you for your address sorry I haven't been in touch but thinking about you guys a ton and praying for you all. Your garland is darling keep the craft posts coming :)!

Mandy said...

I love it Kate! And you always sell yourself short- because you're very good at crafts- you always make homemade birthday cards that are adorable! Glad that Sean liked it so much. A very cute idea!

Jenny said...

even better than the paint much more personal and fun (though i do think the paint chips look nice and easy).

I'm proud of Sean should reuse these every year!

I also like catching a glimpse of the brick through your window. Can we have a home tour soon?

Or maybe I can see it in person? I'm coming to Dallas over Memorial Day weekend...hope you'll be free for a visit!

Katie said...

I am SO impressed! You're a good mom. =)

Rachel said...

So cute! I'm so proud of you for sharing your craft. =) You've inspired me to make my own Easter egg garland.