Friday, May 06, 2011

Happy Birthday Sean

Sean is four! Our big boy turned 4 years old this last weekend on May 1st. We celebrated by passing the flu around. It was really special for him.

Soooo, we decided to try celebrating again, sans vomit this time.

The kids and I started the day by going to the Dallas World Aquarium. I failed to take any pictures, but I have posted some in the past when my mom and brother & Alicia were visiting.

The kids ate PBJ, oranges, and carrots on the car ride home at Sean's request. Once Ryan got home from work we headed out to get some cheese and black olive pizza. It was delightful:

Then the kids had a flex-off

I am pretty sure Sean won. Molly still has to work on her form a bit

Then, the waitress, who heard the whole it was his birthday but we were all puking story, brought Sean out a big bowl of ice cream. He LOVED it!

After dinner, again - no pictures, we walked down to the "sandy beach". A local park that has a boardwalk, sand volleyball courts, and a kids play area with slides, buckets, shovels etc. It is one of our favorites.

We finally headed home to have Sean's birthday cake, but we were all so stuffed we mainly sampled and will finish them off another day.
The cake was a delicious bundt cake from this local shop. Sean picked out the red velvet (with chocolate chips) bundlet for himself, and we got the chocolate chocolate chip one to share.
Happy Birthday big boy! We love you so and can not believe you are 4!!


Jenny said...

Such sweet photos of your family. Molly is like a completely different kid! Her hair has gotten so long! Is she talking?!

Happy birthday to Sean, four already?

Kristen said...

happy birthday to your firstborn!! sean is such an awesome kid. LOVED seeing these photos, katie! (and glad you all are feeling better!!)

Rebekah said...

oh they are just so adorable - makes me so excited to see you in a few weeks! we totally meant to call Sean on his birthday last weekend but sounds like you guys were buys..yuck no fun. Glad your feeling better and got a chance to get out and celebrate we are so looking forward to seeing you guys soon - maybe a playdate at the park when your home?! xo

Rachel said...

Happy birthday Sean! I love the flex off. That cracked me up.