Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome to Texas

last night the tornado sirens right outside our house went off. We put bike helmets on the kids (ok, and on me also) and got in the bathroom.

I am pretty sure I just found two baby black widow spiders in our garage.



Rachel said...

Your life is so glamorous and exciting! We had some rain today.

Katie, Ryan, Sean, and Molly said...


Rachel, you are hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh

Anonymous said...

Um, maybe it would be more fun if you wore the basketball helmet from high school. You know, the one that you used to wear while chasing after me in the mall in attempt to embarrass me! - Randi

Jenny said...

I was worried about you guys...and feeling a bit apprehensive about my upcoming trip.

You gotta burn the black widow egg sacks, FYI.

Good luck and are you soon!

The Courter Family said...

that's crazy. you should move home just because of that! :) I'm glad no one got hurt!! by the tornado or spiders!! yikes.