Wednesday, June 04, 2008

there and back

Last weekend Ryan performed a wedding for our sister-in-law's brother (our brother-in-law???). It was fun, but rushed. The wedding was about 5 hours from where we live (hence the rushed part), but made for a fun weekend get-away for us. Here are a few pics of the wedding site and the next day at a park. It was fun to take Sean to this park as my family lived in this town when I was about Sean's age, and lived just down the street from this park - it was neat to experience it again as a parent and think of how much my parents enjoyed this place with my sister and I (Tim was not born yet). Hope you all are well!

Uncle Will
Aunt Stacey


Jenny said...

where was this? that one of Sean on Ryan's shoulders is adorable (the front one).

Kristen said...

these photos are wonderful, katie! looks like such a special time for your family. sean is just getting cuter and cuter!