Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Half way there!

There is so much to celebrate this time of year! Ryan and I are celebrating the fact that we are officially half way through our pregnancy. This photo was taken at our friends wedding last weekend on the day I was 20 weeks. So here is my belly! My 20 week belly! The photo is a little awkward because I was trying to show it off, but you can get the idea. We are both blown away by the miracle that this pregnancy is - that a life is being formed. It is truly an undeniable testament of God's presence and awesome powers. What an amazing experience!

Another thing to celebrate this time of year of course is the birth of Jesus Christ. I love Christmas time, not because I am good at decorating or making crafts or baking, but because of the love that seems to abound and enjoying other people. Intentional time spent with family and friends. I cannot think of many things I enjoy more than being in the company of those I love. And the holidays seem to bring people together. Speaking of family . . . I love my brother! And boy does he know how to celebrate the Christmas season. Maybe you have seen him driving around Seattle in this: His Christmas Pickup!
That is right, it is a real Noble Fir with colored lights and all in the bed of my brothers truck. He is getting so many honks, thumbs up, and people even taking pictures of him (while driving down I-5, Scary!). Tim, I love that you have done this and put a smile on so many people's faces! It is the kind of cheer Seattle needs. Anyone know how to get this on the news?????

Happy Holidays!!!!


R said...

what an ADORABLE pic of you two! This is Christmas card material!!KT you looked so beautiful and glowing that night and RY your officiating was awesome! We do need to get Tim on the news somehow he is just so darn hilarious! 19.5 weeks and counting so far you son has been very good to your tiny frame :)...has a stanger asked you when you are due yet?

Rebekah said...

what the heck just happened? sorry r is for Rebekah! Love you guys!

Mandy said...

Love this pic of you guys - Ryan even looks tall in it :) You're little belly is so cute!
That's hilarious that your bro put that tree in his truck! I would have honked had I seen him driving on I-5 with it! (hope the windstorm today didn't reck it or anything)
Love ya!

Jenny said...

I was wondering who "R" seemed like Rebekah was writing in code.

You've been glowing your entire pregnancy Katie. I wasn't surprised when I found out, I could just tell.

Any updates on some possible names?

Katie D said...


I know I've been teasing you for not looking pregnant, so of course I love this picture and your little belly. You look absolutely beautiful.

Mark and I have loved running into to you and Ryan lately. We really enjoy spending time with you!


Ryan & Katie said...

Thanks ladies! It is always good to hear compliments - especially when you are gaining weight on a weekly basis! Name news: I think we have narrowed it down, it will make a fun blog post when we decide for sure.
Tim's tree is fine even after the wind storm. I got to ride in it today and it really is something special!


Kristen said...

katie, this is a wonderful photo of the two of you--expectant parents!! i have to say it again: you are a gorgeous mama!

and i also love what you had to say about the holidays being a time to enjoy the love and closeness of friends and family. i don't feel especially crafty or beautifully domestic, though i do try at times, and i would say that enjoying these special relationships is what i cherish most, (and crave most) too.

so fun to see photos of tim's christmas truck! joy on wheels! have a good evening!

Anonymous said...

Katie - you were beautiful the night of Jaymie and Justin's wedding, you could not even tell you were pregnant when standing up there (the flowers hid the little "bump"). Ryan did a great job in uniting those two. I really think you guys could go into business - Kyler's Complete Weddings - a full service wedding planner!! We do have so much to be thankful for, and kids who love Jesus and celebrate His birth top our thankful list! We love you guys! Mom