Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Tribute

We recently lost a roommate, and a pet . . . it's ok, she just got married and moved out. Ryan and I had the priveledge of living with a wonderful woman and her amazing dog! We will miss both of them so much, but we are excited for them as they get to start on this new chapter in their lives. Here are some pictures to remember:
Ginger as a puppy:

Here is Ginger 2 years later

she LOVES the snow!

Justin has a pretty cool dog also - here is Connor sleeping on Ryan's head

We love you guys and are so happy for you!!!


Jenny said...

That was nice Katie..I hope Jaymie reads blogs!

That picture of Ginger jumping in the snow is awesome!

Cheers to the Courters!

Kristen said...

a very sweet tribute, katie. i love those great photos of the dogs! we're so excited for the courters, too!

and we're excited for you guys as you enter this new chapter of your life together! not too long now before your little boy will be here... :) enjoy your time preparing your home for his arrival!