Thursday, December 07, 2006

Home Improvement

Ryan has been hard at work lately getting the house fixed up - this will continue until the baby comes. Here is one of his projects that he recently finished. This picture is of our fireplace and mantle as it was when we moved in (and stayed that way for 4 years). It was brick painted gray - pretty boring.

Here is the final project after some slate tile, new trim, paint, and a lot of hard work. Didn't he do a good job?!?!?!
We will keep you all posted on the rest of the projects. Next up: The Nursery!!!


Mandy said...

looks great, Kate! I love before & after pictures! Good job, Ry!

Jenny said...

Looks really Ryan interested in more work? My Dad might have a project for him. That's kind of what he's doing now, right?

Kristen said...

wow! so nice. great job, ryan! i bet you guys just love hanging out in your livingroom with that new fireplace to enjoy. i sure would! can't wait to see some work-in-progress photos of the nursery!

Anonymous said...

hola!! espero que esten muy bien. Les escribo en espaƱol, para que practiquen y el baby sea bilingue!!
Por que no hay fotos de la pancita?? todos los dias entro a fijarme y no las ponen ...
bueno, seguire esperando, mmm y muy linda la casa